Nelaton Catheter

Our Nelaton Catheters offer flexibility and ease of use suitable for a wide range of medical needs. Used in medical procedures and overcoming temporary obstacles, these catheters provide comfort and safety to users.

Flexible and Adaptive Structure: With their soft and flexible structure, they move easily within the body, providing a more comfortable experience during procedures or overcoming temporary obstacles.

Various Sizes and Materials: Manufactured in different sizes and medical-grade materials, offering diversity suitable for medical needs and purposes.

Reliable and Quality: Production in compliance with medical standards and under sterile conditions ensures users' safety and hygiene at the highest level.

Our Nelaton Catheters are designed to be easy and effective for medical applications. Contact us to find the best solution for healthcare professionals and users.

CH20 40cm

CH20 20cm

CH18 40cm

CH18 20cm

CH16 40cm

CH16 20cm

CH14 40cm

CH14 20cm

CH12 40cm

CH12 20cm

CH10 40cm

CH10 30cm

CH10 20cm

CH08 40cm

CH08 30cm

CH08 20cm

CH06 40cm

CH06 30cm

CH06 20cm

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