Hydrophilic Urinary Catheter

Our Hydrophilic Urinary Catheters are designed to offer a comfortable and effective user experience. With exceptional smoothness, they aim to facilitate easy and seamless movement within the body.

Comfortable Use: The specialized hydrophilic coating absorbs water and provides smoothness, facilitating the catheter's movement within the body, maximizing the patient's comfort.

Advanced Design: A lightweight and flexible structure that conforms to the natural anatomical structure, providing the best comfort for the user.

Reliability and Quality: Our products, manufactured with high-quality materials, packed under sterile conditions in compliance with medical standards, ensure reliability and quality

Crafted with a focus on comfort and safety, our hydrophilic urinary catheters offer solutions tailored to the needs of healthcare professionals and patients. Contact us for the best user experience.

CH20 40cm

CH18 20cm

CH16 40cm


CH16 20cm

CH14 40cm

CH14 20cm

CH12 40cm

CH12 20cm

CH10 40cm

CH10 20cm

CH08 40cm

CH08 20cm

CH06 30cm

CH06 20cm

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